Tri-Kes Wallcocering

Imagine the impression you want to make on people when they enter your space. Then capture it in a wall finish.

With TRI-KES’ comprehensive selection — from textiles, olefins and Type II to customs, specialty items and natural products — you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at a competitive price. TRI-KES exclusively represents top brands such as Lanark, Source One, Stacy Garcia, Studio Source, Tower and Versa, as well as a variety of fabrics. We work closely with our worldwide manufacturing partners and collaborate with award-winning designers.

You can count on TRI-KES for extremely responsive, exceptional service. Whether you visit us online or call us at 800 200 8120 it is important to know that our customer service team is standing by 5 am until 5 pm PST daily to ensure your projects are successful. And if you’re in a pinch for time not to worry, all sample requests made by 5 p.m. are guaranteed prompt delivery to meet your needs.


Tri-Kes Wallcocering Tri-Kes Wallcocering