This year was filled with some very challenging moments for so many friends and family across the country and the world. It’s hard to even encapsulate this year in a few sentences so I won’t even try. I continue to send prayers and positive thoughts to all that were personally affected on one level or another by all the tragedies that occurred this past year. I have written numerous newsletters over the years but I don’t recall a year quite like this one before. Therefore, I have even more reason to wish everyone a safe, gentle, kind and happy 2018.



New product introductions were off the charts this year to say the very least.

We had an abundance of fabulous new collections from TRI-KES in not only wallcovering but fabric. We also introduced the VR experience that recently got another fresh update. Feel free to check it out when you get a moment and if you need another set of VR glasses, just let me know.

Grand Rapids Chair introduced several fun chairs at Neocon this past season and brought out a new look book and a new collection of colorful finishes.

Northland Furniture was the go to source for some of my clients this year that were doing smaller motel/hotel property remodels. The installations all look terrific.

Credible Hospitality was busy doing one custom quote after another this year and was fortunate enough to do a few installations this year.

Tri-Tex worked on some very large quotes for our clients and we did some fabulous installations this year.

It looks very promising on the horizon for more exciting product collections in 2018 as I begin to preview new releases from all my associates beginning as early as January.



Forgotten Song Foundation had many success stories this year. We were graciously adopted by many sponsors and friends of the foundation. Most recently, were fundraisers at Anne Fontaine and then the IDS (Interior Design Society) Holiday Kickoff event in November. We’d like to thank IDS for their kind support of the foundation and all our supporters that have so kindly given their time, funds and expertise to help us grow. We are very excited to be able to award several more scholarships in 2018 thanks to all the support from the community. We will also begin the process of filming Nomadic Nocturne next year. We were investigating grants and additional funding to start the process. Please feel free to visit our social pages or to find out more about upcoming events. Recently, I was asked to be a contributing columnist to a fashion magazine called L’Vegue. With my co-columnist, Carolyn Freeman, we will be doing a feature on music and culture every quarter for the publication. The holiday edition is expected in December.



I am wishing you the very best for the holiday season that is fast approaching and hope you and your loved ones have a healthy and prosperous year ahead. May your days be merry and bright! Cheers!