I was given the opportunity to represent Credible Upholstery and I visited the factory mid-January in Toronto, Canada. I was given a fun tour de force of the factory and witnessed the company’s abilities to produce four and five star products. It was a delightful experience to see factory “artisans” build furniture in the traditional format in the classical ways of construction. Many factories take short cuts to save on cost and construction, but not Credible, the attention to precision and detail is outstanding. They also have a new division of the company they created in 2015; Credible expanded into high end case goods for suites and guestroom projects. This part of the product line is being produced in a factory based in China who has been doing high profile case good products for over 20 years. There is a full staff of dedicated employees from Credible that oversee the operations so that products produced there are at the same expectations of their Canadian counterpart. I was able to see some of the product and it is very well done and is already being specified in many hotel franchises at this moment in time. As a matter of fact, I coincidentally chose to stay at the Westin near the airport in Toronto and was told after I arrived that they were doing an installation of our products at that very property. Me and my sixth sense! Next time I am visiting, I will have the privilege of staying in one of the newly remodeled rooms.

Right after my visit with Credible, I was home a day and then whisked off to the TRI-KES annual company retreat in beautiful Monterey, CA. Every year, TRI-KES manages to pull out all the stops on how they accommodate not only all of their corporate and office team members, but their sales team members and their vendor partners across the country. We all merge on an unsuspecting property and pretty much take it over for 3 days. We leave with all kinds of knowledge of what to expect from new product introductions for the year, an overview of what the projections of the economy seems to be forecasting and given an opportunity to network with old friends and colleagues during the three day event. Every year TRI-KES dedicates the trip during the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend and we close the office to make sure everyone in the organization gets to participate. It is quite a work of art to see every year how well they orchestrate and celebrate the holiday weekend for all participants.



Forgotten Song Foundation, Inc. just completed the last part of the first of two grants awarded. We filmed a speaker’s series for the Midnight Muse project at UNLV. This class will be offered across the country for all jazz studies programs at any college or university as a complimentary on-line class. Also, we are now finalizing the Midnight Muse film by getting all the rights from the celebrities that we featured photos of in the film and we are hoping to have that wrapped by the end of March. Then off to PBS we go! We will be celebrating the second annual VIVA Awards event on May 21. We have mixers planned on February 18 and March 19 leading up to the big event in May. Also, we will be assisting in the entertainment for the DIFFA event held on April 30. Visit for more info about all of these fun events.



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